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The Subway Diet: Does It Really Work?

Subway Diet - Does it Work?

Basics of the Subway Diet

An official Subway Diet doesn’t really exist. Yet, everyone has heard about the success story of Jared Fogle, who lost a lot of weight by simply eating Subway sandwiches. Subway has simply capitalized on this story and created what is known as the Subway Diet. But, can it work for you?

Subway Diet - Does it Work?
Subway Sandwich – Is it really effective for weight loss?

The diet plan involves participants consuming Subway sandwiches twice a day (lunch and dinner). These meals, made up of a Subway 6 inch sub, are low in fat and calories. The other meals and snacks of the day are also recommended to be low in fat. On top of that, one needs to go for a walk every day, just like Jared Fogle, if you wish to lose any weight. Personally, I would also recommend using a diet supplement, but more on that later.

Does the Subway Diet plan really work?

If followed in the right way, some weight loss can occur from the Subway diet. You need to ensure that you are eating only the 6-inch subway and that the sandwich you choose is low in calories and fat. You’ve also got to keep an eye on the rest of the day’s meals and go for regular walks. Of course, exercise plays a major role in weight loss.

Can the Subway Diet be followed easily?

The diet is difficult to follow.

Eating a mere 6 inch sub everyday is not fulfilling. Also, one cannot eat the same kind of sandwich every day, since that is a diet too monotonous to consistently follow. Finally, one needs to keep an eye on the bread and the sauces that go with the sandwich, as some are very high in fat.

There are no rules and guidelines that are given to you. You need to take care of yourself, once you are done with your two Subways of the day.


The Subway Diet is an extremely clever marketing idea that Subway has been using for a long time now, and it has paid Subway rich dividends. However, the diet is not cheap for you, the consumer. You may end up spending as much as $300 every month just on Subway; plus the cost of your other meals. Paying about $10 everyday for just two meals is a costly proposition indeed.
Many think Jared lost weight only because he ate Subway sandwiches. This is really not the case. The truth is, Subway sandwiches do not contain magic ingredients that will make your unwanted weight vanish; Jared exercised regularly and managed to cut his calorie intake with strong willpower and a disciplined approach.

For a more realistic approach to weight gain, try combining a healthier lifestyle with a proven, all natural weight loss aid like Garcinia Cambogia – just make sure you choose a high quality product. As I’ve written about before, I’ve had good results with Garcinia Cambogia Premium.

What to Look for in Nutrition Facts

If you want to be healthy, you need to eat right.  You need the recommended daily requirements of the proper foods; that are water, minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.  Fresh foods are the best for you, but if you have to buy processed foods at the supermarket, you need to check their required nutrition facts panel. The nutrition facts panel tells all of the ingredients contained in the product. Read more